Fedora 16 release party and hey, "Happy 2012!"

Okay, here I am after ages; back on my blog. last year I was quite busy to blog but this is a brand new year. hopefully everyone had an enjoyable new year. In fact this year is one of most important years for me. also this is the my first blog post in 2012. yeah it's new year but i've going to write my new year first blog post about last year thing and yeah, also about Linux :D.

Well I was in LOVE with linux recently but wasn't active in local Linux events at all, so I've got a chance to actively contribute to local FOSS event as a presenter. It's a fedora 16 release party (also fedora introduction semeiner) held in december 8th at Rajarata University, Sri Lanka. anyway this is not a event reporting. just only writing what experience i've get from it.

Mainly goes my thanks to Buddhika for asking me to join the event. then Uditha, he's the preson who planned the event at the university. alos Rajarata ICT team, those were the team who planned and organized this sucessfull event. At the event, there was four sessions. first one was "What is FOSS and Fedora" and it's done by Buddhika, then my presentation about "Fedora 16 New Features" and next one was "How to install and Configure LAMP on fedora 16" done by Uditha and final session was "How to join fedora project" by Buddhika.

Personally this event is a really starting point for my FOSS enthusiastic life. also it was my first presentation at the public event (also for university students). anyway I'm really happy about it and also it gives me to extra energy to continue my FOSS and fedora related activities as much as possible than what I've done in the past.

HAPPY 2012!


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